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Company culture


Mission: Create value for customers, create development opportunities for employees, and create harmony and civilization for the society.

Spirit: hard work, hard work, dedication, Suntech

Our entrepreneurial spirit is "hard work, hard work, dedication, Suntech". This is the company's ideological achievements and spiritual strength. It is constantly improved and sublimated in the process of enterprise development, and will never be outdated. It helps employees to maximize their potential, maximize their creativity, and share the same fate with the company, thus creating great cohesion and competitiveness.


Diligence--intensively embodied in diligence, simplicity, perseverance, hard work and hard work, is the source of the super-conventional and leap-forward development of Dezhigao Company, and is our fine tradition.
Hard work--concentrated in the spirit of the Supreme People, the courage to go forward, the courage to challenge, the hard work and the prosperous, is the spiritual portrayal of the Shante.
Dedication--Integration is reflected in the sense of social ownership of the German to the high, with a broad mind, a fair self, a dedication to the cause, a return to the society, and the common progress of the enterprise and the individual, is our value orientation.
Suntech--emphasis on the moral consciousness of the German to the supreme, and advocating the noble cultivation and sentiment of diligence, honesty, courtesy, wisdom, credit, etc., is the deepest humanistic heritage of our company and the foundation of the century-old industry.


Values: faith-based, innovation is the soul

The letter is based on the people--people do not believe in not standing, people are not righteous. The same is true for enterprises, which is the foundation of the company and the foundation of its development.
Innovation is the soul--Innovation represents the direction of the most advanced culture and technology of the enterprise, and it is the belief that it will always be positive and high. Innovation is an inexhaustible source of water for enterprise development and a guarantee for sustainable development of enterprises.



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