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Business philosophy

Fast, innovative, service, team, sharing, value

Fast, innovative - Experience "the speed of innovation" is the fundamental advantage of competition!
- DZG aims to establish a new environment of rapid innovation and cultural independence that allows employees, customers and suppliers to actively participate.
- The rapid innovation culture has laid the foundation for Germany's victory in adapting to the rapid changes in the current society.
- Innovation, innovation, never give up!


Services, Teams - Build quality teams that start with service.
- A good team based on service can truly achieve "customer satisfaction" and ensure the company's sustainable management and profitability.
- A quality team formed with the purpose of service is easy to cultivate team understanding and follow the natural trust of human beings so that everyone can enjoy it.
- Serve as a driving force to motivate members to self-growth and become a multi-talented knowledge worker.


Sharing, Value - The meaning of creating wealth lies in the reasonable sharing.
- The essence of Germany's high business is to use technology and speed to create value.
- All the wealth created by D&S strives to be shared between customers, employees, shareholders and the society in a reasonable manner in order to truly demonstrate its value.
- Emphasizing that the sharing of knowledge and wealth is the most important core of composing a supreme business philosophy.




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